What Should I Wear To A Polo Match?

Is there a dress code at polo?
A few tips from the sidelines
by L. Bremner

One of the most memorable polo scenes was in the  movie Pretty Woman starring  Julia Roberts and Richard Gere.  Vivian, the character played by Julia Roberts,  attended a polo match wearing a brown sundress with polka dots and a matching hat.  In the movie, the polo match was part of a charity event and all of  the ladies were wearing stylish, designer sundresses, hats and gloves.  What the Pretty Woman movie didnt show you was the casual side of polo.

Polo has been cast with an image of tradition and formality.  While the sport of polo itself, is very traditional, the truth is, a majority of the polo games here in the United States are very casual, family events.  Most clubs don’t have a dress code unless you are dining in their clubhouse or in a Members Club.  Charity events that are attached to a polo match may have a theme or dress code, but not always. It is best to check with each polo club to see if they have a dress code for their public polo games.

What you will see at every polo match is a variety of mixed attire from blue jeans and flip flops to colorful sundresses, kakis and button down shirts. Polo games are outdoors and the weather will be a factor in your  wardrobe selection.  Keep in mind that polo clubs have a lot of grass and unpaved areas, which make high heels a bit impractical.   It is a good idea to wear comfortable shoes. Heather Chronert, the General Manager at San Diego Polo Club, says you can never be too dressed-up for polo.  She also recommends hats and flats!

Photos are worth a thousand words, so weve posted a variety of photos from various polo clubs and events to give you an idea of what to expect. Click on each photo to see a larger version.




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