Polo misconceptions

Ever since taking up polo, a lot of people (including my friends) have made comments along the lines of: “Wow, polo is too rich for my blood”, “Do you have money to burn?”, and “Polo is only for arrogant, stuck-up people”. There are a lot of misconceptions surrounding this sport of kings (ha, and with a description like that, no wonder people have the wrong impression), and I will try to prove some of them wrong, from a polo newbie point of view of course.

Well, i’ll be honest. Polo is not cheap. I often joke to my friends that all my money goes to polo. Well…the joke’s on me, because yes, I do spend a big chunk of my paycheck on polo. It brings me happiness and I’d much rather spend it on polo than on buying the latest designer It bag or a new pair of Louboutins (which trust me, are so uncomfortable, they are not worth the $600 and upwards price tag). In general, people who play polo do have more disposable income. But from what I have experienced so far, the majority of the players are in it for their love of horses and love of the game. Not for the pomp and circumstance (which is mostly relegated to the grandstands). Out on the field, it doesn’t matter how much money you have, but what does matter is the bond between player and horse. Money can buy the best horses and equipment, but if you don’t have good horsemanship, you won’t get very far. And besides, the horses don’t care how much money you have.

Polo is about horsemanship, teamwork, friendship and family. I’m only about three months into the sport, yet I have met the most wonderful people because of polo. There are barbecues and lively conversations, trips to Santa Barbara to stick and ball on grass and watch the pro’s play, and lots of smiles and mallets touching each other after every chukker. People in polo are so friendly and encouraging; I have yet to come across a self-righteous individual in this sport. Of course there are bad apples everywhere, but I just seem to encounter them less at the polo club. Polo is about having a grand old time with family and friends, so next time you have the opportunity to go to a polo match, put your misconceptions aside and go out there and have fun!


  1. Great post! The sport has been trying to get over the “Pretty Woman” image for along time. Will you be in SB for the final tomorrow? I’ll be up there. Would love to meet you in person!


  2. Sounds like triathlons, alot like triathlons. I am glad you love your sport

  3. it is good to be so passionate about something. i am still trying to find time to start on the horseback riding thing. : )

  4. Who is responsible for causing horse injury on the polo field at the line-up? The horse owner who’s horse did the kicking without any provocation or the horse owner who’s horse got kicked by? What kind of polo standards are we setting as polo players? Is it a personal ethic issue?

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